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Who are we? What do we offer?

Azitek was founded by two electrical engineers with a combined background in space communication and integrated circuits design. We are a startup company based in Porto, Portugal, developing proprietary RFID systems with innovative angle-of-arrival technology. Our system supports high-range tracking with low-cost and long lifetime tags, unlocking new applications beyond traditional RFID, such as in airports, logistics & supply chain etc.

Our Innovative RFID Technology Delivers:

Angle-of-Arrival Technology

Angle-of-arrival proprietary technology measures the direction of RFID tag signal, enabling real-time positioning.

High-Range Tracking

Outstanding range of 2km can compete with GPS trackers in outdoor scenarios, with lower cost and higher lifetime (weeks vs years).

Sensors & Warnings

Integrated sensors can provide warnings for falling detection, temperature control or unexpected movements, while collecting data from the surrounding environment.

Transparent Infrastructure

Wi-Fi ready infrastructure for straightforward installation, reducing setup and reconfiguration time and costs.

Extended Battery Life

Exceptional RFID tag battery life up to 5 years with configurable update rate of 0.1 to 60 seconds.

Ultra Low-Cost RFID Tag

The active RFID tag is ultra low-cost and provides different configurations to adjust to user needs.


Azitek proprietary RFID technology enables real-time asset tracking in both indoor and outdoor environments, extending the applications to several markets, such as:


Airport GSE


Cattle Farm






Security Control

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