Azitek Asset Management System

Our Asset Management System enables Azitek companies to monitor their assets in real-time. By attaching low-cost active RFID Tags to every asset, businesses can track the inventory location instantly.

Companies can automate labor-intensive tasks, such as stock picking and inventory management. This game-changer technology can be app ied to several industries, from beer kegs, gas bottles, and returnable containers.

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Our Proprietary RFID Technology

Outstanding Range

Tag detection up to 400m, enables exceptional coverage with less infrastructure

Maximizes Battery Lifetime

Tags 8 years battery lifetime minimizes maintenance costs

No Missed Readings

Each Azitek Gateway can read up to 300 tags per second, going beyond traditional RFID systems

No WiFi Interference

Sub-GHz proprietary protocol avoids interference in the saturated WiFi and BLE spectrum

How it Works

Each asset is equipped with a low-cost Azitek Active RFID Tag

  • Ultra low-cost tags enables companies to track and locate every operational asset
  • Low profile tag with 7x42x25mm blends perfectly with assets of any size and shape
  • Configurable update rate guarantees an operational lifetime of 8 years

Azitek Anchor Gateways are installed on industrial facilities, warehouses, vehicles, and others

  • Reading range of 300 tags/s up to 400m radius, leading to virtually no missed readings
  • Gateways use existing Wi-Fi infrastructure for hassle free deployment
  • Onboard memory prevents data loss even during Wifi outage

Azitek Dashborad enables real-time analytics, warnings, and client integration (ERPs)

  • Access everywhere with internet connection
  • Multiple accounts with different privileges
  • API available for client integration

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Low-cost Tag starting from 2