Tugger Train Tracking

The Tugger Train Tracking system enables companies to monitor the performance of tugger trains in industrial facilities. By leveraging real-time data, the system predicts routes and estimates the time of arrival at every station.

Including also a Dashboard that transforms the collected data into insightful analytics such as average waiting and traveling time in each checkpoint, bottleneck identification, route performance, and much more.

Visual representation of the Tugger Train Tracking System

Our Solution Enables You To

Measure Performance

Record all tugger trains to compare performance over time

Identify Bottlenecks

Pinpoint efficiency bottlenecks that cost you productivity

Route Prediction

Leverage real-time data to estimate arrival times

Tugger Train Analytics

Gain insight into routes, delivery times, and shifts performance

How it Works

Battery powered Beacons are placed on checkpoints

  • Small and low profile that ensures a simple installation without disturbing the environment
  • 3 years battery life-time combined with easy battery replacement
  • Proprietary RF + Magnetic protocols enable reliable communication in demanding industrial environments

Location Trackers are installed on tugger trains and use existing Wi-Fi infrastructure

  • Compatible with tugger train battery connectors for plug-and-play installation
  • Onboard battery and memory to preserve data during Wifi and power failure events
  • Compact and rugged enclosure to withstand demanding industrial environments

Cloud Dashboard enables real-time status, event-driven warnings, and route analysis

  • Displays real-time position and tugger train route data
  • Multiple accounts with different privileges
  • API available for client integration


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